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Watercooling and aio cooling in the cm storm trooper

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lupacexi    0


i was just wondering if you can fit the new h100i gtx by corsair at the top of the cm storm trooper case.

in addition, can it fit the new h110i gtx by corsair also in the top. my worries is only the mobo clearance. 

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi There , Welcome to CM forum .

The Trooper can support up to 280mm radiator on the top and may i know what kind stuff you have currently ?

Back to you question , Does the trooper can fit 240 and 280 radiator on the top ? below is some picture for your reference between 240 and 280 size radiator .












Please take note Trooper and stryker is same frame .

If you still concerned please contact customer services for more large info .

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