keyboard typing problem

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yqmi123456    0

My name is Daniel and I buy one of your products
"Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite gaming keyboard"
the mouse and keyboard are amazing
but after few days i find strange problem with key-typing

when i hit one button... example: "S"
I actualy type in chat "S-"
when I hit "D"
I actualy type in chat "D="
I dont know what exactly is the reason of the problem and how to fix it...please give me some tips!!
Thank you first!!
/sorry for my terrible english btw/

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Mohd Noh    29

Welcome to CM forum

Hi Daniel . I will ask someone at HQ by tomorrow morning .

so just stay tune .

Update : Did you try or test the KB on another PC to make sure this is not software related ? or try update your driver ?

If still  got same issue maybe your KB may defective or fault unit so go back to the retailer and ask for exchange

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