Venay Vyar

TX3 evo push pins are no closing

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Venay Vyar    0

I bought the Hyper TX3 evo yesterday as it's the best option available in my town, also because hyper 212 was an amazing experience !

however i couldn't for the life of me close the push pins , i don't want to use extreme force however i also did'n take my mobo off (an ASRock X79 extreme9 with an Intel Core i7 3820 ) . i took a close look and noticed the the holes where the push pins are supposed to go through are kind of well suited for screws , i also have them from an old fan that i was using. 


Did anyone had a similar experience ? what do you guys think the problem (maybe fan not compatible with mobo) ?  is there a possible solution ?


Thank you and sorry for my bad English (not even my second language).

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Sunday Morning    177

HI Venay , Welcome to CM forum

Your MotherBoard support LGA 2011 and Hyper TX3 Evo support up to Intel® LGA 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 775** socket

Strong recommend to you is just return the Hyper TX3 Evo for safety .

Please Contact Customer Services for more details :)


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