Cosmos c700p led not working

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Sparkyus    0

I, i'm from Portugal, sorry if my english isn't good, i bought a cosmos C700p and i'm having issues myself, the controller from the case don't work properly, i already had 2 of them, same problem over and over again, gonna switch it a 3rd time, my fans are working, and case leds work just fine, but i can't control the fan speeds and case leds, i use a Asus X Formula, on fan control button the lights are on(white lights on top) in low and high configuration at same time,  on led control button it shows only on cycle, i can't change it, the first controler i had just burned, the second one, it seems good, but don't work either, please help, i think this one is damaged too, and it seems on the same place...


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Joe ALVES    0

i bought my material this weekend, i mount everything during the weekend, everything is running exept ....

- The 3 fans ! 

- All The Leds& Strip (exept HDD led)

it seems the PCB is not poxer supplied ...


Please Help




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