Tobias Hillebrand

Custom Parts for CM Cosmos C700P

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Ahoi togehter!

Maybe someone can answer me some questions about the new Cosmos C700P case (I know the release date is tomorrow, but I planning a mod, searching for informations):


Will there be custom parts / accessories for the C700P?
My suggest is to get another MotherboardTray-Backplate. I will built the case in inverse layout and would like to have the PSU at the button and a radiator within the top of the case. To do so I think I need another Backplate (to get more space at the top).


Will some parts of the master case fit within the C700P?

I thin about this one:




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Travis    0

I too would like custom parts. A vertical GPU bracket, a rear panel that works with the vertical GPU ( or two in vertical SLI), a 2nd external drive bay, and the appropriate fan/radiator mount to work with the external drive bay. A different shroud configuration with 2.5" SSD mounts too. 

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knud    129

The seperate parts (that come with the chassis) will become available as spare parts on the CM store. (need to check the ETD, but should be this month.)

The vertical graphics card holder will fit. The horizontal SSD cage will fit too, but only horizontal. (You can re-arrange the mounting screws for vertical installation in mastercase.)


Another front radiator bracket is in the works.

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