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Where can I get a replacement cable for my QuickFire Rapid I?

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Cata2k    0

I fell out of my computer chair and broke my cable. I ordered some cheapo Amazon Basics micro USB replacement, and that has been working for the last few week. But lately I noticed my keyboard starting to randomly disconnect. I had a spare (very short) micro USB lying around and found the problem was with the cable. It only lasted a few weeks! I've had this keyboard over a year and never had a problem with the OEM cable. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a replacement cable? Or if not, can someone suggest a rugged replacement with a 90 degree micro end that will last?



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Mohd Noh    179

Welcome to CM forum .

HI Cata , In this case i love suggest you to contacting customer services , might they have some solution regarding this issue .

Create ticket at here : Request Support Ticket

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