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I recently brought a Blue Cooler Master Led Stip on 13 Sept 2017. Now i want to register my product online for warranty.

But the problem is "HOW"?

I m not new to registering product on the cooler master website. I have already registered my MasterCase 5, Sickle Flow X Blue LED fan, Hyper 212 LED  cpu fan.

But this time i dont know where to find the serial number of the product!!!

I already tried the number written on the box, i tried to register with no serial number ( fail to find the category mentioning the led strip).




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Done mere Bhai.


It does takes many tries to request a support ticket when you want to ask simple question.

Like now when i was creating a support ticket, i was asked to comment on failure reason !

I was in a dilemma as my led strips are working fine, so i chose "other reason", and thus was able to submit my  request.


Thank you for always replying  :-)

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