I need a replacement usb hub for CM STorm SF-19

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Donna    0

I bought my sister a CM Storm SF-19 cooling pad for her Alienware 17 r4 beast of a laptop. The little port that the cable you plug into your laptop plugs into broke off.  I am desperately looking for a replacement part.  Cooler Master should consider selling these cooling pads again, as they are selling for 500 US Dollars on ebay.   

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I tried to open support ticket but the drop down for serial just lights up blue and I cannot input anything also I think it is insane to make a device this expensive of an accessory and then offer little to no help with said device. My usb 3.0 and lights just stopped working and only fans work now wish I had read the reviews saying this device is a faulty and that Coolermaster knows this and that's why they discontinued how sad the world of commerce has become.

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