how to install multiple case fan??

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naVn    0
how can i add multiple case fan into my system ??
MY system config:-
I7 6800K
RAM DDR4 16gb single...
X99a MSI motherboard
cpu fan CM Hyper 212x
CM 912half
normal graphic card ( but add atleast 1080p GC in future)
I bought 3 fan ... 2 Cooler master sickle flow x 120mm and 1 arctic 140mm pwm fan
I want to add one arctic 140mm pwm on my case (side ) and 2 cooler master 120mm sicklflow X fan (as an exhaust) on top of the case .. already one back fan and cooler master hyper 212x in my system.
So, how can I install this fan on my system guys ?? Is this right case fan for my system according to my rigg ? I want to add arctic fan on motherboard and CM sickle flow x fan as a exhaust fan on top and want to attach with psu (I dnt want to add extra load on my mother board.) .. so will be good idea?? 
sorry no knowledge about computer hardware. dnt know i m thinking right or wrong. So plz advise me how can I install multiple case fan n where should i install on mobo or with psu. and sickle fan can be use as exhaust fan for top.
how many case fan should we install in system??
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Hi, the abilities of the airflow to cool down the components inside the PC case depends on two airflow properties which are: the speed of the airflow and the temperature of the airflow. If you have no idea how to properly and efficiently develop airflow inside your PC case, then you can install fans everywhere inside your case,  install fans on the front, back, top, bottom and also on the left and right side panels. This way you can develop random airflow moving in a variety of directions inside your case at lower speed. Another method which I prefer is to try to allow All the intake airflow to come inside the case (with the help of fans) through a single intake and allow to escape or exhaust outside the case in the opposite side of this intake in a straight line (without 90 degrees deviations), this method offer the advantage of reduced amount of fans and the ability to control at will the specific single airflow speed inside the case, below I add the photo as example and a website link with more detailed explanation about this subject




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Sunday Morning    177
On 9/19/2017 at 1:40 AM, naVn said:

how many case fan should we install in system??

Welcome to CM forum .

Hi NaVn , What i can say is its depend on the situation :)

I have 6 JetFlo 120mm fans with controller what iam doing is as below  ( Scout 2 )

My setting is front of Chassis fans will Blow IN and back is Blow OUT

Top panel i choose also Blow in and on the side panel i choose Blow OUT

Result not bad overall Temp 20-35c

Cooler Master Slogan is Make it Your so you can try which one is the best way for your chassis + temp 

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