Front i/o panel of the Scout 2 Advanced

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Wallace    0

Hi you guys, this is my first post.

I'm a big fan of Cooler Master products.  I have the Scout 2 Advanced case and enjoy it very much.

Unfortunately, one of the USB 3 ports on the front i/o panel is fried and I need to replaced the entire front i/o panel.

My part request has been approved,  I'm waiting for it to arrive by mail.

In the interim, I need to find out how to disassemble this case and I haven't a clue how to go about this, so I can replace the front i/o panel. 

I don't want to destroy or damage the case, while attempting to replace the front i/o panel.

I've searched for days and can't seem to find any documentation, showing how to replace/remove the front i/o panel.

Has anyone done this before and can you give me any tips or pointer on things to watch out for? 

Any assistance that can be provided with this issue, would be greatly appreciated.




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Sunday Morning    174

Yoo Wallace ,

Welcome to CM forum .

First i love to say thanks too GCC team because help me provide this photo .

Few steps to disassemble Scout 2


1.remove the front panel

Open panel toward yourself from the bottom of panel.



2.lay down the case so screws can be revealed

There are 5 screws on USB panel



3.Unscrew these screws and you can easier popping panel up.



** Please take note : If you still cant do , please contact customer services and they will assist you regarding this issue :)


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Wallace    0

Hello Mohd Noh and thanks for the welcome.


I'm being sent the complete front panel and not just the pcb/circuit board.

I'm guessing I could just remove the pcb from the new part and swap it out.

Even so... from your photos,

it seems much less complex to just replace the pcb.

Looking at my Scout 2's case. It seems that there are a few more steps involved then what you've shown.

I my have to "play it by ear", taking it very slowly.

I also have concerns about not doing it correctly.

That is to say, that I might damage something during the pcb swap.


I'll take a few photos when the part arrives and post them for all to see.

To help document the front i/o panel replacement (if necessary) and or pcb swap on the Scout 2 Advanced.

Hopfuly, all will go well and I'll have full use of all the front panel USB 3 ports again.


Thanks Mohd Noh, for your reply .


Wallace :happy3:




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