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RGB fans out of sync (using correct software)

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So I've already asked on other forums before I found cooler master had their own ones, so what I'm going to do is post the reply here from a Tom's hardware post that gives all the information about my current problem and any progress I've made in troubleshooting.


"right now I've only got two connected because i'm waiting on a splitter i ordered, but when that comes i'll have four connected. I'm using one of the splitters already (noctua na-syc2). I'm not sure what you mean by daisy chained, but i have them all plugged into their rgb controller. One of the two fans is doing what i tell it in the menu, but the other one wont sync with it. The unsynced one is still able to be turned on and off and dimmed so it is connected in some way. I don't know if the connector was plugged in wrong or whether its something else entirely.

These are the fans i have ( 

Update: It appears that both the fans are doing the opposite to each other. When fan 1 is green and fan 2 is red i try and turn fan 2 green, and it does but fan 1 turns red.

Update #2: fan 2 seems to only go red and green"


I'm sure it's a fairly easy solution so sorry for the long winded question, I'm still very new to the RGB side of this.


Thank you for any answers :)

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Mohd Dzuld    9
10 hours ago, Raphael Baker said:

Posted september 14th and no replies eh?  Doesn't say much for customer support does it?

Please read this : Forum Rules and Guidelines

While you may receive technical help in these forums, do not expect administrators or moderators to serve you directly. Instead, please contact Cooler Master support:

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Mohd Dzuld    9
4 hours ago, Raphael Baker said:

My problem has been resolved now with the help of coolermaster support.





Great and if you have others question just sent the ticket to customer services .

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