Boris Piasetskiy

how it is correct to pack power supply unit before sending by mail rma?

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Mohd Noh    29

Like i said , CM Staff will updating your RMA into system as fast as possible just stay tune .

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Dear Boris,

Our RMA team has checked your PSU.
We unfortunately cannot cover the PSU under warranty since the warranty sticker has been removed.
On this warranty sticker is written '' warranty void if removed''.

This warranty sticker has been removed and most likely the PSU has been opened.
We therefore cannot cover the PSU anymore under warranty.

See also attached picture.

Let us know if we need to recycle the PSU.

Kind regards,

I only opened it for cleaning from dust. I did not repair it. He was killed with dust and once a year I opened it and accurately cleaned using the vacuum cleaner and a brush.
I am a big fan of your company, I have many your power supply units and the casing( now i have 5 case cm and 10  psu ). My system costs in Haf 932. I did not know that opening for cleaning sustains loss of a warranty if I it knowing I repaired it in Moscow, but did not send to the Netherlands.
dust of a problem in dust and dust pillows, through holes for the fan it is impossible to clean off contents completely. I hope you that it will be solved as misunderstanding. What to me a sense to spend money for transfer to the Netherlands knowing that there will be a failure on a warranty.

With respect and a request to solve this misunderstanding. Boris big fan Cooler Master.





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I am disabled since childhood (I can provide all documents)

The result of their policy is the Cooller Master throw disabled since childhood on the power unit. throw  for money

how much will it cost to pay repairs? or return this product to me in Russia?


on a price in russia the similar power unit costs
15 000 rubles, and to me the pension is 6500 rubles
Thank you
  Cooller Master

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