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Ok, so i've mounted everything, the fans are all good, but the pump is not working. I've got the blue led ( see the pics ) on tho and i can feel hot water in on of the pipes. 

Is it just me that thinks the pump is not working, ( and why do i get that in bios ) or something is wrong here ??? 



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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Alexandru , Welcome to CM forum .

Can you try reseat your pump ? seem the pump not allocate with nicely or correctly 

My suggestion try reseat and following as below . ( how they mount the pump )

1, How to determine if the pump is functioning on your liquid cooler

2, Liquid Cooling: Where do I connect the Fans and Pump?

3, How to Install MasterLiquid Pro 120/240



Please take note & Remember if you still facing same issue , please contact customer services , they will assist you .

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