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n200 + MasterLiquid 240?

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Noyzbot    0

Hi, Cooler Master community! I would like to know if the Master Liquid 240 will work in the n200 uATX case. I'm making a Ryzen 1600x or 1700 build very soon and I'd like to keep as much of the heat out of the case as possible so an open air graphics card design will work as efficiently as possible.


Thanks in advance,

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Noyzbot , Welcome to CM forum .

No issue at all for N200 can handle 240 radiator at the front and Below is our old thread and picture for your reference

1, Nepton 240M in N200 case 

2, N200 and water cooling

3, If you still concerned please contact customer services , they will help you to solve this issue .




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