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Masterkeys Pro L - ratteling keys

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I recently purchased a Masterkeys Pro L keyboard. The first model I got, I had to return to the store due to the enter key having bad stabilizers as well as space bar ratteling. Then I got another which doesn't have the enter key problem, but it does still have a bit of a space bar ratteling. There is definitely something about the bigger keys feeling different than the smaller ones. I have checked all the keys now and the ones that feel different/rattles are: enter and return, the big + on the numpad, backspace, the right shift.


It's not like they feel exactly bad, but they do seem different, sound different and some of them rattles a bit. It generally feels like it's all the keys that have stabilizers as they are wider or higher.

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Bernhard    0

I have the same problem, I assume.


I purchased a MasterKeys Pro L RGB (MX Brown, ISO DE) at and all stabilized keys (Spacebar, Enter, right Shift, Backspace, Numpad etc.) are rattling very much. I exchanged the keyboard for another one and today the new keyboard was delivered, but the same, even worse behaviour of the stabilized keys - very, very rattly. It does not matter whether I push the corresponding key very gently, for example the Spacebar or if I push it harder, always very loose and rattly.


I have carefully removed the keycaps of the stabilized keys. The black Cherry stabilizer bases on each side of the switch, that are mounted into the openings in the plate are very loose and wobble around, they do not sit tight in the plate (all of them). The metal stabilizer wire underneath the plate produces also a very metallic rattly sound.


Is there a way to fix this so that the rattling noise will be gone? Or should I return the today delivered keyboard also and give up?





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Bernhard    0

I have contacted customer support and they are unable to help. I should return the keyboard to the store again (second return).

I would have to create a video. I do not have the equipment to create a video by myself.


The following examples illustrate the problem perfectly:

All stabilized keys have that problem. Both of my purchased keyboards (Masterkeys PRO L RGB MX Brown), the first and the second one had the exact same problem - very, very rattly and loose.


Very mediocre build quality for 150 Euro/$170. Of course you can tinker around with tape, lube etc. But for a 150 Euro/$170 keyboard that is ridiculous.

A friend of mine has also purchased a Masterkeys PRO L RGB and he has the exact same problems.


I did some research: Some reviews mention the rattly spacebar and other stabilized keys. So it is not a problem of a too sensitive customer or a single case.

Yesterday I have got a Ducky Shine 6 PBT and the difference regarding build quality is huge.

  • PBT !doubleshot! keycaps - thick PBT - very nice feeling (and sound) and very durable
  • Perfectly mounted Cherry stabilizers (absolute no rattle or noise, very smooth, absolute not mushy)
  • Very solid build quality (in every detail) and great software/firmware, especially the effect/macro functions of the keyboard are extensive (12 profiles, 6 macro profiles, many special useful functions).
  • No driver/software needed to use/configuration via windows software possible but no must

So, if you want a really great build keyboard with very good software/firmware, you should go for a Ducky Shine 6 PBT!


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