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I currently have a scout 2 and love it. However, when I just purchased a Corsair H100i v2, i could not fit it in the case (top mounted) as there was not enough clearance for the dual fan installation on the bottom of the radiator due to the mobo RAM sticks and another component. I realize this isn't the case fault, and looking to upgrade to a full tower anyway.


My question is:

Will the Storm Trooper accommodate a Z97X-Gaming 7 with a top mounted H100i v2 (with two fans mounted below the radiator?


Again, the issue was the cleaarance/installation of the due to components of the mobo, including ram sticks. Since the Storm Trooper is a full tower, does the ATX mounting position allow for clearance up top for the cooler/fan installation to clear the RAM sticks, etc. on the Z97X-Gaming 7 mobo?




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Sunday Morning    177

Welcome to CM forum

Michael Hi :) Trooper is great chassis man , 240 and 280 size radiator can sit into this chassis and below is picture for your reference .

Old thread at here : Does the H110i GT fit in my CM Storm trooper






If you still concerned i love suggest you to contacting customer services , they will give you more detail regarding this issue .

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Sunday Morning    177
5 hours ago, Michael Baker said:

Looks like there is enough clearance above the upper line of the boards/ATX mounts. Thanks

You most welcome , if you have any question , please issue ticket and customer services will help you :)


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