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Improvements for the macro feature

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I just got my Masterkeys S, and while I'm finding it to be a delightful keyboard to type on, it seems to me like the macro feature could use some improvement.


The main issue I have with the macro feature is that I can't bind macros to key combinations, like Fn+M or something. If I could, this would even make the Fn key so much more useful, since I could have macros all over my keyboard. As it is right now, there are only a couple of keys on the keyboard that I might consider sacrificing for macros.


The other issue with the macro feature is that the macro is always played back at the same speed I recorded it, which means that I can't get the benefit of having the macro type something for me faster than I can do it myself. It can only ever go as fast as I can.


I would really like to hear from CoolerMaster whether these changes would be something you could address in a firmware update. If not, I hope you consider my input for future devices.

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Well, after three weeks I'm not really expecting anybody to respond to my questions, which is disappointing. I am still happily using my keyboard, but the macro feature certainly isn't useful. I'm making up for it by using AutoHotKey. I would be interested to know if anybody is actually making use of the macro feature on their MasterKeys keyboard, especially on an S model.

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isar    0


I have a Masterkeys Pro S and I hope for an enhancement of the firmware as well.

I'll change my Masterkeys with a Pok3r keyboard otherwise... just kidding.

Anyway, when the firmware will be ready I'll get back here to ask for a Masterkeys Pro XS 61 keys.

Best regards.

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