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Different keycap materials, ABS vs PBT

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Kevin    0

I have a Coolermaster masterkeys M and L version, and I noticed that the M version might have PBT caps whereas the L version has ABS caps. Is this intentional? Or did I just get lucky with the PBT caps?


Edit: The keycaps on the M feels like a mix between ABS and PBT. It's not 1.5mm thick like what it says on the description on PBT keyboards. But at the same time, my oils do not stick on it like the ones on the L keyboard. The M keycaps are matte whereas the L keycaps are somewhat shiny. The M keycaps also feels rougher by comparison, especially around the edges on the keycaps. I did the density test in water, and the L keycap floats 100% of the time, whereas the M keycaps float if I do not force it down. 

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CM Bram    37

Which models do you have exactly? MasterKeys (non Pro) are with PBT keycaps but without backlight, the Pro versions with white and rgb backlight are ALL ABS keycaps. It can be different as it might be different batches, but they are for sure ABS :)

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