MasterFan Pro RGB LEDs dim/not working

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David    0

I just bought the MasterFan Pro Air Pressure RGB Case fan. The fan itself is working fine, however the LEDs do not seem to be working properly. I do not have an RGB controller so am just using the red or blue settings. When set to blue, the LED lights up for 1 second on startup and then turns off. When set to red, the LED stays on but quite dimly, and flashes to full brightness for 1 second when the computer turns off. I have tried two different system fan plugs with the same result. Is there something I can do to fix this, or is the product faulty?

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Portshot    0

For anyone having this same issue looking for answers... if your fan speeds are controlled by the BIOS to adjust speed as needed, or if they are set to a quiet mode, the fans spin slower and the LED is dimmer, or off. When powering on the system you might get a bright flash as the computer POST. In Windows, using the ASUS Ai utility for Fan XPert, if I click "full speed" I get the full brightness... if I click "quiet" mode the LED dims a lot. 


The LED power for these fans is provided by the power connector, NOT the RGB wire. 

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Mohd Noh    29


Sorry late

Share what i am doing , i have old board z97x gaming 5 and i bought some masterfan pro 120mm x5

To turn on an RGB light i have to get RGB controller and some PWN Splitter 

Updated : Done doing some installation with

1 , MasterFan Pro 140 with RGB controller

2, MasterFan 120x 3

3, MasterLiquid ML 240 L RGB

4, Splitter 1x4 PWN

5, RGB Splitter 1x4



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