David Ricketts Acevedo

New Case, Masterbox 5TX

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I imagine the next generation of cases. Future proofing, stylish, modular, convenient, and more deeply customizable than ever all the while being sure to stay within the confines of budget conscious gamers and not breaking the bank. With this new case you'll be able to customize your rig further to your hearts content. Introducing the Masterbox 5TX. Think of it as a cross between the Masterbox 5t and the Masterbox 5 Lite. It sports the same type of convenient handle design as its predecessor the 5t. On the handle you'll find the same LED above the I/O ports as the Mastercase Maker 5. Borrowing from the Lite 5, you'll be able to see those beautiful rgb LED fans of yours. There's a big enough cut out within the acrylic front panel to install a 5.25 inch drive. The 3 RGB 120mm fans are included along with a back fan as well. On top will be a magnetic dust filter and below you're free to put in extra fans or a radiator. There's dust filter on bottom, psu shroud, 3.5 drive cage and mounts for up to 5 2.5 ssds. Will be available soon for $129.99 USD. I don't own any pictures listed. Just an idea for the case. 




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