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New Case, Masterbox 5TX

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Imagine a case with the design of the the dual tone Masterbox 5t but with the clear front panel that lets the upfront rgb led fans be shown off really well. I'm fond of the 49.99-59.99 price point. Maybe add a couple more new features maybe optional psu shroud in box. Maybe a riser cable in the box and place to set the gpu. The carrying handle is sweet though and add 2 usb 3.0 and 2 2.0s. And an option for a disc drive. A cut away within the front panel to put in a drive. These options would be sweet.

I don't own images provided. Those are just there to see how both cases "merged" so to speak would look like. The top is the 5t below it is the 5 lite. Instead of 3 fan placements there could be 2 so the cutout and the drive could fit unless they could somehow put a drive slot below the hand and under the usb headers and fan controller, power, reset, head phone and mic jacks, etc. So essentially the 5TX is a 5t with an optical drive and leds.



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