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V8 GTS on i7-7700

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Manny    0

Im planning to put the V8 GTS on i7-7700, this is not the K series so there is no OC, however, the i7-7700 series has heat issues i believe, can the V8 GTS cool the i7-7700, is it still up to the challenge or should i just use the liquid type? but i like the V8 GTS looks that's why this question.   Try to search but only i7-7700K is being tested but no i7-7700.

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Sunday Morning    174

Welcome to CM forum .

Hi Manny V8 GTS is great cooler and able control your I7 7700 without any problem .


Cooler Master brought us here today to look at the V8 GTS. This refresh of an old design has been completely redesigned from head to toe with just hints of the original V8. Four towers have been reduced to three, the single fan of the V8 has been doubled so that the V8 GTS has plenty of air flow, it keeps eight heat pipes, but his time offers a TDP of 250W since the Horizontal Vapor Chamber used in this design allows hot spots from the CPU to even out, and also allows all eight pipes a way to transfer the heat since eight pipes in a base is way too large to work on a CPU IHS.
Read more at here : Cooler Master V8 GTS Review


If you still concerned please contact customer services they will assist you .

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