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Stev A

This case is perfect, ALMOST...

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Stev A    2

Hey, I have read many, many, many reviews on this case before buying it. And all of them said that I could put a 280mm and a 360mm radiator in it, on top and in the front respectively. But the cutout in the top will not allow the 280mm radiator to fit because of the end tanks. I bought a Kraken 280mm, and I had to reverse the better config of a push fan system, into a pull config with the fans on the top. But even putting the fans on top, I could barely get two screws to grab threads in it, and I am paranoid about that. While I have those two screws tightened down good, this isn't optimum for a flagship case. So with all the time you guys have had to upgrade this case, I'm wondering why you haven't? Anyway, I'm not here just to complain. I am more interested in a solution. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated? 

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knud    129

The issue/challenge here is the max length supported is 297mm and that radiator is longer than that. But with a 25mm thick fan, it should fit

If you follow this guide - will it fit better? And if possible, could you post a picture of it please?

Thank you.


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