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Need help with these two cables!

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Daniel    0

So I've finished my new PC, however I'm left with these two cables hanging in my case, and I have no clue what they're for or where to plug them in. 


One is identical to the LED cable for the front fans, but it isn't either of those, as they're all plugged in. 

The other is a 2-pin connector, on a brown cable. 


I'm unable to take pictures right now sadly, so I've found these pictures from a previous post (sorry) 

can anyone please tell me where these plug in to? Or if I even need to plug them in? I have not tried to boot my system yet so I'm unsure if it works without them. 

(Edit) they are coming from the case's front control panel. Just adding this as I noticed I never clarified they were from the case. 



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Foxy    0

The 2 pin cables (from the last picture) are for the LEDs of your front fans. ( You should got 3 of them)

The other 3 pins (brown wire) which forms a Y cable are used to plug in a 200mm fan or 2 x 120mm fan.


You can leave them unplugged in the case no problem, otherwise if you want to plug in a fan you can do that too ^^

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