Calen Saddler

SyNAPSE Case Mod by Envious Mods (Cooler Master 5t)

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Adding the Alphacool Flow Gauge & Modding it:


Usually installing a flow gauge is pretty quick and simple but on this build it took a lot more effort. I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the hardline layout or block anything in the build with the flow gauge. So I ended up finding a spot that would exactly fit the flow gauge between the two Aorus graphics cards. I tried to see what it looks like with and without the gauge to determine which way looked best. I have to say that after the mods it definitely fit in perfectly with the theme. I changed the spinner on the inside to read and added some custom vinyl work on the outside of the gauge.





Making an Acrylic Hardline Support:


I decided to make this piece because I really wanted to make something that was different and new. This cool little system I created helps perfectly to support the hard-line tubing and it fits the bill exact. It took quite a bit of time to hand sand and file each one of these pieces to be an exact copy of the next. It was well worth it and came out even better than I could have hoped.






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Custom Painted Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 Fan:


I wanted to use a 120mm Be Quiet fan for the rear main because they run very quiet and look clean. However I also wanted to dress it up a bit. I've found you can paint the blades by popping them out using even pressure from the back side. You have to be real careful not to put too much pressure on one blade or you could break it. I also tape off the insert and ring magnet so that it doesn't affect the balance. I went with a darker gray on the 1st fan and a lighter grey on the 2nd one. The lighter color definitely fits in the best. Since I had to remove the Be Quiet badge to paint I decided to make a new one using a black chrome backing and white lettering.





Prepping for CES 2018:


The SyNAPSE case mod will get a few changes in preparation for CES 2018. It will be displayed in Gigabyte and Aorus’s booth. I've already swapped in the new Aorus Z370-Gaming 7 motherboard. Timing for this fit very well. I will continue to update the build log but, some parts of the build will be saved until it's unveiling at CES. I will also have another build displayed with two other manufacturers. You will have to wait until CES to see any progress on it though.





Aorus Z370-Gaming 7:


The design styling of this motherboard is dead on with my natural building style. I've actually been asked a few times if I helped design it. I love all the new features as well as the look and feel of the new Aorus motherboard. Here are a few shots of the new motherboard as well as some with it mounted. I had to redo part of the loop to accommodate the new motherboard. However I wanted to keep the long thought out run design of the hardline. I made sure that it was almost exactly the same as the previous design. The new motherboard will also use the new i7 chip from Intel.



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Custom Vinyl Design & Install:


Now that the side shrouds are perfect I went I had with finishing the design for the vinyl graphics that will go on those shrouds. On the top there's a white accent that matches the one on the bottom and then there's a couple grey gunmetal accents it just give it a lot more depth. He's were fairly simple to design and cut but due to them being larger there are always tricky to install. I was very fortunate that these came out looking excellent.



New Alphacool Cap Covers:


I am fortunate to get the new cap covers for my fittings that are now available from alphacool. They come in several different colors including red black blue and gray as well as some other finishes. I decided to order the gray ones for the synapse build. I really like them because the gray is just enough for people to see something's different but not enough to draw a ton of attention. For me details like this have the biggest payout overall.





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