Cosmos II windowed side panel

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jeremy    3

The cosmos II 25th anniversary case is it and we are unable to purchase case parts.


I own several of the original black Cosmos II, I personally do not like the silver aesthetic of the new case, unfortunately it is the only model with the windowed side panel.


so my question is, when can we purchase the windowed side panel? It's a bit rediculous if customers have to buy the entire case just to get the windowed side panel which most of us have been waiting for since the release of the Cosmos II case. The model of the case is exactly the same, the only difference really is the color and side panels.


please understand, myself and everyone want to buy the windowed side panels.

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knud    129

The tempered glass will be available around september time frame.

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SnSvity    0
Hello, just like you, I'm waiting to be able to order tempered glass doors for my Cosmos 2 cases.
However, the moderator of the site could make us understand that we could buy them in September.
Soon in December and still no news. Answer please ??

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Abaidor    0

Hello I am on the same boat as a lot of other people waiting for the tempered glass side panel of the anniversary edition to become available for sale.


Come on Cooler Master let this case live - there are thousands of fans out there waiting and I still think this case has a lot of life left to it. 


BTW - Is this accessory new?


It looks like you can attach some acrylic on it. 




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