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MasterKeys Pro L keeps freezing randomly until unplugged... :(

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Hello guys and gals,


I'm experiencing an issue with my MasterKeys Pro L that is roughly a year old. It recently started freezing and it requires the keyboard to be unplugged and then plugged back in to start working again. It's most evident when I have moving LEDs on the board as they become stuck and the keyboard is completely unresponsive. Below is an image of what occurs, but the LEDs freeze randomly on any section of the keyboard, this is just one example. It happens intermittently, so it is very difficult to pin down. It has happened within 5 minutes before, and other times it lasts hours before freezing.




Things I've tried:

Flashing the firmware (already on the latest)

Different USB ports

Using the built-in USB 3.0 hub on my monitor

Disabling USB power saving settings


Things I've not tried:

Using it on my Ultrabook


Is this common? I tried to Google it earlier and came back with nothing, but I can't believe that I am the only one experiencing this issue.


Thanks in advanced. :)

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That's really useful to know that I can reset it. Thank you! :)


I've done some more messing about and found that it didn't die when connected to my Ultrabook, and as such I went ahead and removed all drivers/traces of it from my main rig. So far, touch wood, it has been golden and hasn't dropped out in three hours or so. Perhaps it was just another Windows 10 screw up. :) 

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It just dropped out again...


I've now resorted to adding in a PCI-E add-in card that comes with my X99-Deluxe/U3.1 to see if the USB controller is playing any sort of role in this...


The mystery continues. :( 

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I have a resolution. It turns out that Windows doesn't like to be normal...


Having plugged the keyboard into that add-in card, I've not had a single issue and the keyboard has remained responsive all weekend. So, now you know... it's Windows to blame. No surprises there, really...


On a side note: speaking to a friend also revealed that using his mouse when it is plugged into the motherboard also causes it to randomly freeze and drop out, until he unplugs it. Plugging it into another card/controller seems to have solved it for him too.


The weirdest thing is that it is only one device that is affected. Neither his keyboard or my mouse on different rigs freeze, and none of the other peripherals have issues either. It has to be software related, be it Microsoft to blame or someone else.


Hopefully this thread is useful to someone in the future.

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I have just purchased the MaskerKeys Pro L this week and I have been experiencing the same issue.

From what you have found as a solution, I take it that having the keyboard connected to a separate USB controller, be it a PCI add on card or simply another controller on the motherboard if there is one, will resolve the issue.


I have had my keyboard connected to a USB 3.0 socket. I have a Logitech G35 headset and a Logitech G502 mouse on the same bank of ports / same USB controller. I have moved my keyboard to a spare USB 2.0 port, obviously on a separate controller, and will see what happens.


Thanks for posting you solution. 

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