[Warranty] What happens if my AIO leaks?

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Poondor    0

Cooler Master is probably my favorite brand at this moment. I own the Mastercase 5 (which I gradually upgraded to a Mastercase Maker 5), a Masterkeys keyboard, a Hyper 103 and a Cooler Master PSU. All of this brand's products have been rock solid and completely reliable as far as I can tell. Recently I have been thinking about purchasing a AIO water cooling unit, and naturally, I'm tempted to go with CM. 


However I found some worrisome paragraphs in CM's warranty statements.:



3. What Is and Is Not Covered

  • Product malfunction or damage resulting from liquids or moisture.


7. Exclusion of Damages (Disclaimer)
(...) Cooler Master shall not, in any event, be liable to the purchaser (...) for any incidental or consequential damage (...) 



My question here is: What happens if, by no fault of my own and within the warranty period, a liquid cooler fails and leaks onto some of my other components? Will I get reimbursed for the damaged components?


Thanks in advance!


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knud    128

There is not really a yes or no answer to this.


If something were to happen (knocks on wood) with your AIO - you can contact our support team and they will start an investigation and handle it from there.

(We do sometimes get claims of damaged components, but when we tested the whole system, nothing was damaged)

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