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212 EVO Standoffs (Problem Solved. Please Delete)

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Hey folks!

I recently bought a 212 EVO, just got here today. SUPER excited, right? Right. So I slap on the thermal paste, and go to get this thing assembled. And thats where my adventure ended and it went back in the box. Because THE STANDOFFS WOULDNT FIT. Was quite upset. I thought I was just incompetent for a while, and maybe I just couldnt get them to screw into the motherboard. Turns out, the threads on the standoffs, are a different thread than the original CPU cooler screws that the computer came with.

So what I need to know now is, does Cooler Master have different thread standoffs? Can I get different ones from somewhere? Or is the situation FUBAR and I need to send it back? (which would be unfortunate, I dont think I can afford shipping to Taiwan)

Problem solved. I was just a big dummy. This thread needs to be deleted.

standoff screws.jpg

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Problem solved. Needs to be deleted.

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Sunday Morning    177

Welcome to CM forum

Hi Charles , Sorry late reply , That is nice you can solved your own problem .

In the future please contact customer services if you facing any issue .

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