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Mastercase maker 5 Fan compatibility please

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Oak    0

Just purchased the case and I'm planning on replacing the fans. I'm thinking more of 1500-2000rpm for better airflow. Does anyone know a good fans that compatible with this case ?

I'm eyeing at the notua 2000rpm but not sure if its compatible (and the steep price too)



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Sunday Morning    177

Welcome to CM forum .

Hi Oak , May i know your temperature in your room and can share your specs detail ?

Im not expert on cooling system but the stock fans is pretty good to reduce our heat in system unless your parts are over heating its pointless or OC

Share some , i have pro 5 all is stock fans 140x3 + 240 radiator on the top ( overall temp ) is idle 30c and full load is 45-60c .

By the way if you want your case to look like a rave party then check out MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB .


Please contact Customer services , they will help you : 




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