Masterkeys Pro L , key problem

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Ryan    0

Hi All, 


I'm sorry to bother anyone but I've recently come across an issue regarding the Masterkeys Pro L series keyboard that I've had for almost a year now. Just recently during my playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 5, I experienced an issue where my  "w" key failed to respond and instead continued to apply itself (it wasn't pressed down but my character in game continued to move forward as if the key had been engaged). After restarting my pc in hopes the issue would be resolved, I found my "w "key along with the "u" "i" "o" and "p" keys to be unresponsive as well. After using the manual reset and memory clear options: FN+E, FN+R, and FN+Alt, all the keys were found once more to be in working order wxcept for the dreaded "w" key that although it now displayed text upon pressing down, displayed the wrong letter- or should I say- letters. Instead of a "w" letter appearing, the letters "eiopqru" appear instead. Does anyone have any idea as to why this happened and/or what can be done to possibly resolve this issue?

I've attempted to uninstall amd reinstall the drivers + removing and readding the device to no avail. Thank you all for taking your time to read this post.



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knud    129

Just, to make sure, you tried these 2 options:


Option 1:

  • unlug the keyboard
  • press FN+Right Alt
  • replug the keyboard back in (while keeping FN+Right Alt pressed)

This option should make the keyboard go back to factory settings/demo mode.

Option 2:

  • keep the keyboard plugged in to the PC
  • Press FN+E for about 3 to 5 seconds

This option will clear the keyboards onboard memory 


And, does the same behaviour happen at another pc, after doing these 2 resets?

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