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Ayman Hadramot

AMD 8350 High Temperature with Cooler Master Seidon 120 v

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Hello everyone
I installed a Cooler Master Seidon 120v on my cpu AMD 8350 with Motherboard MSI 970A G43 and another cooler master fan 120 mm is installed in the PC Case

also I am using Cooler Master Paste the comes with Product

I live in Istanbul with 20c in day

the problem is :

IDLE Temperature is : 44 c with Cpu Fan 2000 rpm and PC Fan 1200
on Load Temperature is : 57 c with Cpu Fan 2000 rpm and Pc Fan 1200


so I am really not pleased with this results because I replaced my old Cooler system for this reason and I replaced it with liquid CM one because I heard alot about it but finally the performance is not like what Imagined




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Thank you for replaying

no it is not needed to contact with them

the problem was because of my Motherboard is not compatible with CPU after changing it the IDLE temperature has done from 44 to 15 c
thank you for your silent products really really I appriceit your products

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