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MASTERFAN PRO 120 Air Balance RGB Where can I buy

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here is my email to the customer service the 9th of may:


"Dear customer service,

I am looking forward to buying 2 masterfan pro 120 ab RGB. I cannot find it anywhere.
Do you know if it will be sold in europe and if yes, when?
living in paris; france"



Here is the answer from Ruud Jacobs 4 days ago to my e-mail:


"Dear David,

The first batch of these fans should come in the last week of this month. They should slowly become available on the stores next month.

Kind regards,

Ruud Jacobs

Cooler Master Service Department"


rather cool, no? available in europe end of may, beginning of june


I am going to pimp my aorus gaming k5...


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On ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 2:16 PM, Bruce Chastain said:

Well, I was just about to post that Newegg got some, but before I could post they're out of stock again.  The good news is they're finally getting here.




I had registered for notification when they were back in stock.  

Same here, Bruce. I just received 2 from Newegg yesterday. Got them in less than 24 hours after ordering! Put myself back on auto-notification -- may buy more for future builds if they work out well. They must have gone out of stock within an hour. I think there are many folks still looking for these fans.

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