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Sunday Morning    179
1 hour ago, Travis said:

making a Ryzen 1700x build. looking into the masterair maker 8. I'm reading that there are brackets, and then I'm seeing that there are no brackets. need a definite answer. will this fan work with my build? can someone link me to the kit I need if so. thank you!


Welcome to forum .

You can check as below


2, Create ticket at here  for more detail .


Hope this can help .

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I recently recieved the AM4 socket upgrade kit for my MasterLiquid Pro Series 280, and it comes with everything I need to install it except for the piece labeled D in the instructions manual. I contacted with your support team and they told me this:




This appears to be a mistake in the manual. The part you received should be the part you need to install the MasterLiquid.
Sorry about the confusion.




It's this correct? Do I have to install the E piece instead D for MasterLiquid??


Thank you in advance. 


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mike    0

Any clue when the AM4 X bracket for Hyper coolers will be back in stock?

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