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AM4 Socket Support

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CM Nick    2

Due to technical issues, the topic on "AM4 Socket Support" has disappeared.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are trying our best to have this topic back up as soon as possible.


As we read in the topic, there is a lot of discussion going on when the new brackets will be arriving.

We can tell you now that the brackets will be ready for pre-order on our CM Store EU tomorrow and will be ready for shipment around the 16th of May.

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KMT    0

I need to ask but would the V8 GTS VER.2 AM4 mount work with the US version of the V8 GTS I would think so seeing as there is no difference in the products other than one is sold only in the EU.

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Travis    0

making a Ryzen 1700x build. looking into the masterair maker 8. I'm reading that there are brackets, and then I'm seeing that there are no brackets. need a definite answer. will this fan work with my build? can someone link me to the kit I need if so. thank you!

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