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Stev A

The NEW Mastercase Maker 5T

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Stev A    2

As for the Maker 5T, this is a beautiful design, and is considered a very good case. But it could easily be considered not only a "great" case, but the BEST atx case IF you change just a few things.

  • Offer the case in WHITE, with blue, red, purple and black accents.
  • Offer multiple RGB light bars, not just one bar at one color.
  • Make more room on top and front for 360mm RADS.
  • Make rubber graumets on the top and bottom of where the mobo goes, for better cable management.
  • Offer a choice of solid aluminum back side panel, instead of two tempered glass panels, to cut expense for some buyers.
  • Don't paint inside such a polarizing color, as this pushes some customers away. Stick with neutral colors like black, gray and white to maximize customer tastes.
  • Lowering prices can actually make you more money, by allow more users to afford the case. Biggest complaint on the net about this case is price. Listen to your customers.

I hope this helps, from the perspective of a loyal customer. Thanks!

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