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Modular Case Options

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jeremy    3

Modular cases are being a big thing now, especially with the introductions of the MasterCase series 5, 5t and soon to be 7.


The low end tier cases generally come with a basic setup which requires the consumer to purchase the extra upgrade parts online as stores do not seem to carry both the case and the extra upgrade parts.


Currently there is 3 tiers:

• Low modified case

• Medium modified case

• High modified case (like what you see for the Pro or 5t)


Idea I have in mind for high modified tier:

1. Cases to come with the smokey glass side panels, same as the MasterCase 5T

2. Cases to come with all optional modification upgrades, top and front panels (you want it to be easily moduler)

3. Cases to come with more SSD drive brackets

4. Cases to come with a full 1 piece fan cover mesh at the front (no one uses optical drives anymore)

6. Optical drive tray to face the left side panel glass (for fan controller LCD to be visible through the glass)

7. Cases to come with GPU extension trays

8. Cases to come with RBG lighting as a standard


For the high end modifier cases, I do not see a use for the easy optical drive access. As such, we should get a front panel which does not flip down and has an air intake opening at the bottom, this would also be flush with the front IO at the top.


The 5t came with 2 glass side panels, although unnecessary because no one wants to see the cable management behind the glass, it has no wow effect, keep it simple with 1 window on the left side only.

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