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MasterCase Maker 7 Ideas

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jeremy    3

First, where is the MasterCase Maker 7? We have been waiting for this case for over a year due to the fact it is an XL-ATX case.


Case Idea

• 2 versions to be available 1) Metal parts and upgrades 2) Plastic parts and upgrade (current).

• Front IO to be a non-gloss finish

• Have available different colored interior versions available, much like the 5T (black, Red, Green, Blue, White etc)

• RBG lit fans to be standard with all builds with an RGB controller on the front IO (RGB fans can also be integrated into supporting Motherboards for customization)

• Top cooler rack to fit up to a 3x120 or 3x140 radiator.

• More rear SSD hold racks

• PSU lower shelf cover to be standard (no one wants to see messy cables)

• Motherboard bay side to have the tinted tempered glass side panel

• Cable management side to have a metal side panel (can order another glass panel if you want this option)

• New upgrade mod front fan cover to be flush with the IO (opening for airflow at the bottom of the cover instead of the top) Reason: the open hole looks like an opening to a garbage basket.

• Disc drive shelf to be customizable to face forward, or sideways (looks amazing to have a fan controller or LED screen on the inside faced towards the tempered glass)

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