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CM B500 v2 strange smell under load

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Dorjan    0

Hello im having a problem when underload my psu start to smell when i get close to it.Its noticeable when gaming but if i increase cpu fan speed max ,cause psu it on top of case it goes away or if i remove the side panel it goes away also if example i play heavy game then turn off pc right after i finish the smell is more noticeable.Only way to remove smell is to put cpu fan at turbo speed which is very noisy is smth overheating or smth about to die?.Also at first i thought it was my gpu cause switched from gigabyte xtreme software to msi afterburner it bugged gpu fans at 0% underload while playing demanding game gpu reach 99C but for like 10-30second before i manually turned gpu fan to max then a  smell started then removed gpu to check for smell and inspect it it didnt had nothing wrong,it was near psu there where it was im sure now its psu idk how that can affected psu.My question is should i use this psu its been a week since it happend my psu is 4 month old also hole pc is 4 month old same day bought all parts if that helps.Am i  in danger of causing dmg to other parts or its fine ?

My Pc  is very low power usage  i have a i5 6400,8gb ram,gigabyte gtx 1060 windforce oc 6gb,1tr hdd and a 500gb hdd windows 10.

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