Fan Controller not working, which cables are required to be connected

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Recently built a system with the Maker 5 case. I have the three chassis fans plugged into the controller on the backside of the case and have the 2/4 molex power cable connected, however, none of the fans are running. I've tested all the fans by plugging them directly into fan power cables and they run fine, but no luck on the controller. 


The front panel USB 2.0 header is not currently connected as my motherboard only has one of these headers and it's needed for my H110i AIO cooler. I'm wondering if that's the issue and the controller requires that USB somehow. 


Is there something else I'm missing and does anyone know exactly what needs to be connected at minimum to make this fan controller work. Thanks. 

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Sunday Morning    177

Welcome to CM forum .

HI Booster . may i know what kind specs you have ? and can you attach some picture ?

+ please sent out an email to CM customer service , they will help you to solve this issue .

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There is no documentation for the integrated fan controller and it doesn't work. This person had the same problem yet you shunted them off to a private solution. What kind of business are you running? Why bother with a forum at all?

I want to talk to a human being to get this resolved. I put several hours into assembling my system just to find your integrated controller doesn't work and that their is evidence many others had the same problem while you neglect to publish anything . 

I am severely disappointed in Coolermaster. I will not recommend them to my friends. I am holding off on posting my review until and unless you make this right. Expecting equipment to function as advertised is reasonable. Expecting that there would be documentation available is also not unreasonable. 


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