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Temp issues with CM MasterLiquid 120

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evangael    0

Hi Guys


Thanks for taking the time to read this read this. Recently I have acquired a MasterLiquid 120 watercooling kit for my system along with a brand new Z270 Gaming 7 board from Gigabyte and a Intel 7700k. Unfortunately after installing the cooler, my temperatures in-game hit 70-80 degrees Celsius. Which I find not acceptable. After inspecting the cooler (unmount+remount) and re-applying cooling paste the temperatures stay the same. I have configured the BIOS to allow the pump full performance as recommended.


Now my idea is the CPU is not hitting the large cooling surface of the pump which is being blocked by the LGA socket frame. My question is:


What's the difference between the MasterLiquid 120 and the MasterLiquid 120 pro? The pro variant does seem to have a small square coming out of it (don't know how to say it) which would be perfect to touch the cpu on a one-on-one basis.


I'm really in need of a boost here...


Pro variant:









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Sunday Morning    177

Welcome to CM forum .

Hi evangael , Sorry late reply 

May i know how you connect your cooling and can you share some picture ?

+ Suggestion please contact CM customer service




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Tobias C    0

I have the EXACT same issue with the MasterLiquid240. No matter what I tried i couldnt get the surface of the pump to touch the cpu (socket 1151 i7 7700k).

So i tried to increase the pressure by using a screwdriver. Not a good idea. I screwed off one thumbscrew and ruined the screw. 

Unfortunately, I even couldnt find a spare parts kit. Because I'm in a hurry, I ordererd the kit for a Seidon V2.


If needed I can upload some fotos.


However, I could need a little guidance here.




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