Hello. My CM Storm Devastator has always been a bit wonky, but most of the time it works like a charm. Sometimes when I unplug it for a while for another use and then plug it back in later, it will glow red for about .75 seconds, then shut off, and I can't type on it. I can unplug it and replug it back in about 1000 times and it will still glow red for a second and then shut off. Most of the time after like 10 min it works again. It can also happen anytime on the computer like in the bios or in the password before the bios or while the computer is fully running. Now its been about 2 days and it still turns on then shuts off. But the mouse is always fully functional. Also, its not my computer because I have tried it on about 10 computers and the same thing keeps happening. My specs are i5 3.5gHz, 970 GeForce, 8 mb ram, and all the other good stuff.