Overwatch Water Cooling Desk Mod "Dragons"

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Hi, I'm Mike Wang and I'm from Taiwan.


This mod is inspired by Blizzard's FPS game "Overwatch"


Blizzard made a short animation for Overwatch called "Dragons"


The story is about two brothers, and their internal conflict about each other.


Inspired by the animation, I build a Desk Mod PC.

This build have an animation scene, and water cooling with Overwatch logo.


Please enjoy my build.




















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Hardware configuration

CPU : Intel Core i7 5960X

MotherBoard : MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK

Memory : G.SKILL TRIDENTZ DDR4-3200 8G * 4 quad-channel

Graphics CardMSI GTX980-Ti LIGHTNING *2 SLI

Power SupplyCoolerMaster V1200W





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1Design Concept


Through the e-sports game Overwatch theme, paired with PC components, water cooling system, and a lot of laser engraved acrylic, making a PC mod with e-sports concept. It’s It’s aiming for all games, gamer, and hardware enthusiast.



Pink : Fan & Radiator    Gray: Reservoir    Yellow: Motherboard    Blue: Power Supply    Green : Hanamura Scene






Exhaust vent acrylic design


Tabletop acrylic design



Table legs acrylic design



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2. The building process for Hanamura Scene


This part referenced the design and interior layout within the actual game scene Hanamura. Although in the video, Hanzo and Genji duel in the corridor, not in the room, considering the figures is in a closed space, and the interior model is richer, so their duel is being moved indoor.


In the production process, walls and floor structures are being laser-cut, and the interiors are decorated by types of art papers and thin pieces of wood. The wood started to be dark brown, as according to the game, but it would be unnoticed with beige floor and walls, making darker it would blend it with the trim on tatami mats. After changing to a red-ish brown, the result turns out to have a bit more depth.

Something worth mentioning is the curved wood straps forming the eave shape. They’re made using wood bending technique, usually used on wooden furniture, making a little scenery in this scene.













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2-2. Details of the desk


All the character graphs on the table legs acrylic are all redesigned and redrawn to fit the design of the table itself, and not just taken directly from official pictures.

The hardest part of this must be the dragon tattoo on Hanzo. In order to achieve the best engraving effect, expanded graph of tattoos are found from the internet, overlaid onto the torso, and redrawn stroke by stroke. It’s quite some hard work, but the result of dragon tattoos turn out to be satisfying.










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2-3. Laser engraved acrylic tabletop


The double dragon on the tabletop is drawn with the same style as the Hanzo dragon tattoos on the table leg, but bigger. It’s also not from the official graphics, but they also turn out to match up pretty well.




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2-4 Accessories


I want not only the case itself ,but also the peripheral is modded with Overwatch theme. So I put in some effort on the side of the desk, the speakers, and keyboard.


Acrylic fan shield with character skill icon from Hanzo and Genji




Edifier S530D speaker with OverWatch Logo


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Custom made keyboard DUCK LIGHT SAVER v2


This keyboard only comes with PCB and aluminum case. The switches and key caps needed to be soldered one by one.

Cherry mx blue, green, and white are used for the keyboard.

The selection of key caps originally is GMK, but soon changed to OverWatch themed key caps from MassDrop.

In the end this keyboard costs around $1000









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3. Genji & Hanzo figures makeover


Here comes the most important part of this PC build, the two figures of the main characters! Upon initial planning, considering the size and difficult, cute-version figures are decided. Making them with human scale would both be too time consuming, and they would look too small if to fit into a PC.


In order to fit within the timeframe, modifying pre-made figurines is much more efficient than starting from scratch. (Which is common when prototyping) I started looking for templates from mainstream nendoroids from GSC, and finally came up with two. Kogitsunemaru from touken-ranbu (GSC#525), and Iron Man Mark 7 (GSC#284) from Marvel

It just so happens that Iron Man figurines comes with Tony’s face, of which can be fitted on Kogitsunemaru as Hanzo’s face, and looks quite alike. However the hair for Hanzo has to start from scratch with putty.


From Iron Man to Genji is pretty straight forward, only some slight modification is needed. Although the figurines themselves are adjustable, but due to the modification process they became static models.

























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