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Easy Hyper 212X AM4 mod

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Sasa    1


got new Ryzen 1700X cpu, and Asus prime b350-plus Motherboard. Cause no stock cooler in "X" cpu-s package, purchased CM 212X (I knew there is still no - AMD AM4 UPGRADE KIT (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1) here in east Europe, so there is few solution to mod with parts in 212X package.
I use 2011 screws, make new thread with M4 tap in am4 backplate (I and II tap full, and only one, one and half spin with tap III, so it would be tight). Dissamble x clamp, and make small slot (between 2 already existing) with small sharp rasp for new place cooler thorn - used for non sliding, and rasp 4 little boobles since clamp no need to snap in usual places. Add some plastic shells for camuflage, hehe, and voila.













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John    1

Same thing for me but more - I bought an Asrock B350 Fatality mobo to go with my Ryzen 5 1600x CPU. As the 'x' series don't come with coolers, decided to buy a CoolerMaster Evo 212x


Firstly, the screws that came with it did not fit in the stock backplate that came with my mobo, and the backplate I was provided with (from CM) did not align with any of the holes around my CPU in the motherboard. Even if the backplate aligned or the screws fit, the "AM4" bracket doesn't even fit. It's too short and the only way to get it to fit would be to just shove it in and (when tightened) damage the mobo.


Not happy at all with this false advertisement, last time I buy a thing from Coolermaster. 


(Below I have shown the incompatibilities. On the image with the arrows I am showing where the screws are supposed to fit but do not. In that image is the stock backplate that came with the motherboard.)





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