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Oz Modz    1

Rocket League is one of my go to easy to play relaxing games with 800+ hours on it its something that I very much enjoy. This had led me to want to do this Case Mod. I have some great ideas and after I get the last few parts this project will take off. Stay Tuned


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Oz Modz    1

Wow what a few weeks it has been! I have sooo much to show you!

Firstly I find the process of photographing each step and process in the build quite difficult and I find it not only slows down my processes but makes me lose focus. Because of this I wanted to come up with away where you can see the whole mod come to life in just a matter of minutes.


I timelapsed about 80% of the build the other 20% the SD card filled or Camera Battery ran flat (It was running for hours on end, I was in the mod zone :P)


Here are a few pictures of the build in progress that I did take. 







17797101_10154614233973458_364723734_o (1).jpg

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Oz Modz    1

Don't worry the time-lapse is coming!


In the meantime here are some of the photos of the build all completed. 


I loved being able at the end of this project being able to sit down and play Rocket League on my Rocket League PC lol. It really was the culmination of so many hours and alot of hardwork and first game I got a hat trick so cant complain at all :P


And of course the specs:


Rocket League
Case Cooler Master Elite 110
Motherboard ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
CPU AMD Ryzen 1700
Memory G Skill Trident Z 4x8GB
GPU Asus Strix Radeon Rx480
SSD Hyper X Savage
HDD Seagate 2tb Firecuda
PSU Cooler Master V1000
Cables & LEDs CableMod













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Oz Modz    1

I hope you guys enjoy the timelapse above. You can see alot of the methods and basically it sums up a huge amount of hours into the mod.


Ill have more photos and videos soon but for now please enjoy and let me know what you think!


You can also see more details on my Oz Modz Facebook page:


k!Lastly Psyonix has also got on board after seeing the build and they are providing me with a bunch of game codes and DLC codes to giveaway to you guys so head on over the my Facebook page and stay tuned for that.


Until next time. Happy modding




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Oz Modz    1

WOWOW what Can I say this build has been so well received on Facebook that Unilad Gaming shared it. Check out there edit here:



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