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John Patrick Sy Wong

Project Technix

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Hi guys!Its my first time joining on such event like this (Cooler Master Case Modding) so im kinda nervous right now.. :shock::grin:

Wish me luck and I hope what i'm doing is right.. :)


Let me introduce myself, i'm John Patrick Sy Wong from Philippines.

I had a concept in my mind on building a "C-Frame" Open Air Case (a D-frame inspired case of a certain company)(not sure if its safe to mention it here but to be sure,I wont mention it):-P which I called it "PROJECT TECHNIX"..


I'll be using 3/4 size of PPR pipes and fittings plus acrylic sheets and maybe metal sheets.


here's a plan of mine..sorry if i'm too old school drawing such plans but it is where im more comfortable.. :) 



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In here I just got some scrap acrylic sheet from my old side panel..this will serve as the motherboard tray for this project..

I've used a rotary tool kit to cut the edges and make some semi circles.. :)





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I'm back guys!hmm.. okay to make it quick,i just measured the holes of the motherboard that I'll be using for this build and test mounted it to the tray i made.. by the way i'm using ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard..though its kinda old,it still serves me well and still kickin' some bones! :)


Also moving to the base/bottom part,is the radiator..It's an AQUACOMPUTER AIRPLEX MODULARITY 360..why this? because i love THICK! :P






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