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Hello everyone !

I am a french modder and I want to introduce you my project !
The theme will be "polygon"
I want to create a mod very airy, with a design you won't get tired of. 
To achieve this, I will play with both sides of the mod.
My goal is to really entertain the viewer from the front, from the right as well as from the left.
I will transform a lot the case  while maintaining the main lines, so it remains recognizable. 
To do so, I will use sheets of aluminium, steel, synthetic glass, paint, led, etc..

I chose the "MasterBox 5T", because it is less common on this competition, and furthermore, I think there is a huge potential for modding. 
Additionally its basic forms glue tightly to my themes.
There isn't too many right angles, and it has many facets .






The configuration will be : 



Case =>  'MasterBox 5t'
Mother-Board => Rog Strix z270g Gaming 'Asus Sponsor'
Processor => 'Intel Core i7-7700k'
Graphic card => Rog Strix Gtx 1050ti 4Gb Gaming 'Asus Sponsor'
DDR4 => G-Skill Trident Z RGB - F4-3000C15Q-32GTZR
Psu => Corsair SF600 (Pas le choix format et puissance oblige)
Solid-state drive 1 => Samsung SSD 960 EVO M.2 250GO
Solid-state drive 2 => 840-evo 250 Gb ssd
Hard Disks x 2 => Seagate Laptop SSHD 1 To
Player BluRay => BRXL-PT6U2VB
Player-memory cards => Lecteur cartes mémoires


Waterblock processor => Ek-Supreme LTX Acetal + Nickel ( N'est plus référencé sur le site EK)
Waterblock graphic card =>  EK-Vga Supremacy
Radiateur =>  EK-CoolStream SE 360
Fans x 6 =>  EK-Vardar F4-120ER (2200rpm)
Pompe => EK-D5 Pwm G2 Motor
Réservoir => Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150 mm Plexi
Fittings x 10 => EK-HD Adapter 10/12 mm
Fittings x 4  => EK-AF Angled 90° G1/4 Black
Fittings x 3  => EK-AF T-Splitter 3F G1/4 - Black
Fittings x 3  => EK-AF Extender Rotary M-M G1/4 - Black
Fittings x 1  => EK-AF Pass-Through G1/4 - Black

Wc liquid     => Ek Cryofuel clear Premix 900ml

Good luck to everyone :) !

















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Nwar    1

Here is the tower at the reception.








And here it is 24h after reception.




It's stronger than me :laughing6: !

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Nwar    1

Hello everyone !


Manufacture of a motherboard support.






- Realization of threads


- Placement of spacers


- IO Recovery


And fixing

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Nwar    1

Hello everyone !


A first assembly of the motherboard support.


- Retouching the riser


- Manufacture of graphics card support


- Manufacture of small details


- New overview of motherboard support.

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Nwar    1

Implementation power supply.


Opening power supply for putting spacers


I was wrong the first time. But I quickly corrected the errors.


The holes are not in the right places


With correction is better


Reinforcement for graphics card

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Nwar    1

Recycle parts of the case to make a rack of hard disks 2'5.


Make cuts to pass cables


In the meantime I received hardware support from Asus France :) !

Thanks to them for their support



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Nwar    1

Reception of 'RAM' :)! 
I'm part of the people who likes the leds and even more when these are 'RGB' so it is 'G-Skill Trident Z RGB' .
The exact reference of the pack 'F4-3000C15Q-32GTZR'.For the moment it remains of origins. If these are really too bright I would cover them with a crankcase and sparingly.


I also recovered (because it has been custom made by a locksmith from sheet 5mm thick .... this piece of steel serve as reinforcement for the inside of the case;)! This is the most important part of the mod as it will support all the load of the components plus the support plates.

And on the front of the case inside will come a 360mm radiator'EK-CoolStream SE 360'.


I put the 'Waterblock' on the 'GPU'. A 'EK-Vga Supremacy'

864873800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN124.j    454719800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN127.j

A little cleaning is necessary



Then the laying of 'Thermal pads' sticky on both sides !


Then the 'Aluminum heatsinks'.



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Nwar    1

After long hours finally finished with the sheathing!


I have increased the number of 'power sata' to 6 instead of 4. I hope it will ok.



Exceptionally I share with you a color photo!


I still have a lot of work until May 3!
I apologize in advance because my posts are going to be shorter and much less detailed ... The time starts to be just right so I can not afford to go into details!

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Nwar    1

Make a hole on the lower part of the steel part. This will allow me to pass a pump 'Ek-D5'.


The pump will be equipped with a top / tank 'Alphacool Eisbecher 150mm'

I'll put the steel piece (U upside down) in position. The big peculiarity of this mod will be that almost all the configuration will be on the motherboard support which included: Graphic card, power supply, motherboard, hard disks, ssd.
Do you remember the small tubes on the motherboard support and the hollow threaded rod inside?


It is precisely to pass a 2mm steel cable inside the threaded rod. There will be exactly 4 steel cables that will be tensioned in each corner of the motherboard support !

To do this I will use two cable clamp type and a tensioner which originally is used for strap.
It is like this that I intend to place the tensioner (This will allow me to put the high-voltage cables easily)


I start by drilling the locations for this type of cable clamp there will be 3 all of this type.

As you can see I would not use the lower part because it is useless ...


Then I prepare lengths of cable with another type ofcable clamp.

Then these will go to lodge in a hole on the edge of the piece of steel (U reversed) the difference in diameter will avoid it to escape


Then I adapt my tensioner so that it can block the end of the cables ...
- I start by drilling the central cylinder to pass the cables.
- Then I tap on the side to be able to pass an M4 screw that will come to block the cable inside. (A little complicated to explain especially with very few photos ...)



Go a little situational just to see the whole? 
Swing mode


With the bottom cables! Then tensioned cables



310177800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN123.j    935176800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN154.j

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Nwar    1

Work on the facade.
I wish to put a plexi with patterns inside the facade.
I therefore realize a pattern of the interior of the facade with cardboard pen.

Plot then cut plexi.

Installation inside the facade + installation of RGB led strips.

Realization of the plexi pattern from the bottom on PSD, then printing on a transparent sticker.


Realization of the motif of the plexi of the top, with a blade and cut of an adhesive for the RoG motif.


Some light tests to check that everything is fine !


Manufacture of small plates to hide the hot spots of the led ribbons on the facade.


I glue small cutouts made of adhesive paper to plotter and then the glues on my small plates.


Then painting.


Then on the DDR4 I remove the white plastic bars ...


I make small wings that will come to slip into the slots of the barrettes of rams. (I cuts in plexi)



I take this opportunity to retrieve a small piece on a white bar !


Meanwhile I start working on my liquid circuit too ...




I also work on the design by creating patterns of cardboard pen ... These will be made in aluminum.


I had not told you that I expected to put a DVD player !
But also a memory card reader !


I already found their places look at this:





Then the memory card reader will go under the handle like this discreet and accessible !



I also made all my cuts from the various plates that will come on the motherboard or components:

963175800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN184.j     239422800x600nwarmoddingModAirPolyN186.j

Then this little screwdriver is going to be in a small drawer that will be under the box !




All of these are waiting for painting now ^^


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