CM MasterCase Maker 5 Front Panel LEDs

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Abaris    0

Hello guys,

I was wondering how difficult is it to change the LEDs on the front panel of Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5 from red to green. I saw a tear-down on the previous version and it only had 1 LED, whereas this case has a couple (I assume).

Has anyone done this? Can't seem to find a proper disassembly guide for this front panel.
I think it is as easy as switching the LEDs from red to green ones. Or Am I terribly mistaken?

Also, is it possible to hook up a 3-pin LED strip to the hub with some kind of converter? I'd like that breathing effect the hub provides.
If someone can provide me with pictures of the naked front panel I'd appreciate it :)

Thanx in advance.

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