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On 02.05.2017 at 10:12 PM, Igor Below said:

Completion of the work log! The final report._20170502_190851.thumb.JPG.a2242c1cc94144498f80498f27bcf431.JPGPhoto_talks_1493101592283.thumb.jpg.6b6ef8c8a22cc5cd0e8850f442a60d3b.jpgPhoto_talks_1493738168571.thumb.jpg.9272d0f4fcf25aadefe1943a0a517587.jpgPhoto_talks_1493738438671.thumb.jpg.df05c3a4cac90bd8049c1bbe57a283f2.jpgsketch-1493744800997.thumb.png.df496ef3fc5bbb8a2d533687814e1aa7.pngPhoto_talks_1493738665782.thumb.jpg.6d18236a46b9a3e727b80a8e74b88759.jpgPhoto_talks_1493738807805.thumb.jpg.e4db6d0410e949ad951e44e5f0d60961.jpg


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A good idea with creating a comic book. Very cool!
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