CPU temp 58C idling

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kevin    0

Hi. I just installed the cooler master Hyper 212 evo on my machine.

I installed it exactly as the instruction said. used pea size ammount of thermal compund. 

heatsink is on nicely. not moving or anything. 

Lots of case fans to keep things cool. room temp 70F(22C)

however my motherboard is showing my CPU(i7-7700K, stock, no OC) is idling at 58C. Ive turned the speed to full on all fans. 

any suggestions please?





case: NZXT s430

cpu: i7-7700k

mobo : asrock B250m pro v4

ram: 16gb ddr4 gskill

video: gtx 1060

windows 10 64.




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knud    129

Just to make sure: did you remove the plastic seal from the heatsink? (Yes, I did forget this too once or twice in the past)

And it is, indeed measured in celcius?

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